Here you can find useful information (White papers, case study…) and updates about Dexway, leading learning experts in the training sector. Dexway is specialized in educational languages projectsonline/offline and blended learning.

For over 35 years, Dexway has successfully implemented a multitude of training projects, making use of new technologies easier for educators, professionals and training managers.

Our Dexway language learning method, is market leader due to its effectiveness in learning the language naturally and progressively, from 0 to 100%, without gaps. It is used by the most prestigious colleges and universities as well  government organizations. Millions of people around the world enjoy our languages courses (English, Spanish, French, German, …).

 Blended Learning

Discover why Blended Learning is the teaching model which obtains the best results.

E-Learning platforms

Discover how e-learning platforms have a positive impact on the educational process.

Dexway Analytics, now available in French courses

CAE has incorporated the Analytics function into their Dexway French courses in order to offer both teachers and students a more detailed view of the actual objectives that each course proposes to achieve. Analytics gives an analysis of student progress for each...

5 Features of Language Labs with Dexway Methodology

Language labs are highly effective tools for language learning, allowing students to completely immerse themselves in the classroom. These language labs engage each student, encourage participation, and support interactions between the student and the instructor....